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Sword fighting 2016 - Bluetooth edition

As a kid, I always enjoyed grabbing a stick or anything and wacking my brother with it. Of course he would fight back by grabbing another stick or taking my stick. It would go on until someone was in tears of course, that is the way of an 80's kid ;)

Legos, Lights, IoT and Kids

Today I had a great time playing Minecraft Lego with my three year old son.

The Minecraft Lego series is one of my favourites if not my number one favourite within Lego. It's fun because there is no one-way to build, no "getting-it-wrong". You can put any bricks together and since they are all "real" materials they essentially just work.

In search of the perfect BLE dev module

I ordered RedBear Lab's BLE Nano kit a while back. I took a look at it as soon as I got it and saw that I had to do some soldering before it would work. This lead me to putting it down and semi-forgetting about it for a few weeks.