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Next evolution of RealSense

Intel just recently released their latest iteration on the RealSense front facing camera. The new model SR300 builds on the F200 in almost every way. Capabilities have improved with the support of cursor mode (think of super basic, super fast hand tracking) and person tracking (the R200 already had this). This to me seems to be the steps required to bridge the gap between the front facing and world facing cameras. I wrote about this when I first starting looking into RealSense at the beginning of the year.

Augmented Reality Frameworks

I have been on holidays lately and it's been so good. My wife and I and four kids flew to the US to spend Christmas with our families in North Dakota. In addition to time with my family and extended family, having a few weeks off has allowed me to spend a good amount of times with my other interests, mainly around robotics and connected systems.