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BB-8, node bots and the world of connected robots

I was fortunate enough to get a BB-8 for father's day. My wife and four kids really know me well. It's a blast to play. The native app allows for full control as well as some other fun things like recording messages and playing them back as a "hologram". There is a guard mode but it really isn't too smart, it just randomly goes around without any real sense of anything.

United Nations - Delivering Australian government services with Open Source

I had the honour of being asked to speak at the United Nations on the digital transformation that is happening within the Australian government. It would also be my chance to connect with other delegates from around the world and learn what is shaping the future of their governments whilst sharing what is working and what could be done better here at home.

Innovation on a national scale - Australian Government and Drupal

Today the Australian Government officially announced the govCMS program. This is a world leading project, no where else in the world is a government so open to doing things in such a collaborative, open source manner. My role has been to advise and help lay the groundwork for this program. This entailed initial architecture decisions, common data formats, use cases and most significantly, the security decisions