Sword fighting 2016 - Bluetooth edition

Submitted by davidseth on Fri, 08/Apr/2016 - 12:23

Sword fighting 2016 - Bluetooth edition

Bluetooth sword battle

As a kid, I always enjoyed grabbing a stick or anything and wacking my brother with it. Of course he would fight back by grabbing another stick or taking my stick. It would go on until someone was in tears of course, that is the way of an 80's kid ;)

Fast forward to today. Swords and sticks are still cool, but imagine a sword (or a stick) that was App enabled. Imagine it could give you points every time you hit your oponent and took away a point for a miss. Imagine no more.

I introduce to you Bluetooth enabled swords (or sticks) that will forever remove doubt on who won. My boys played for about 5 minutes, loving every satisfying "whack"! The fun would have lasted longer but one of the hits was too much for the battery wiring. It broke so I had to resolder a new wire on.


Version 0.2
The very early days, working on the connection between the BLE modules and Android


BLE modules on sword
Version 0.7, coming a long way. Here I have the two modules attached to the swords.


Screen shot of *very*
A very basic Android interface. Still at v 0.7


Close up of BLE modules
Close up of MetaWear BLE module. It's not very tough yet due to everything being out in the open. This was proven out by my oldest boy who broke one of the wires when he dealt a fatal blow...
Sword fight BLE edition
In action... when the sword hits something a point is scored. Above you can see the score increase after the sword strikes the ground.


My boys and I have been having a lot of fun with this. They are helping me come up with different ideas for "winning" and scoring. So far they think a timed game is the way to go.

The technical bits: I am using the Metawear BLE modules along with the Android API ver 2.5.9. My device is an older Lenovo Android tablet which works well but sometimes is slow to connect to the BLE devices. I have a feeling it is because the tablet is running KitKat 4.4 and not the latest Android.

If any of you are interested I'm happy to share my code. It isn't super clean yet, so fair warning ;)

Next up I will record a sword battle, kid style.


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