Next evolution of RealSense

Submitted by davidseth on Tue, 01/Mar/2016 - 00:01

Next evolution of RealSense

lego realsense camera

Intel just recently released their latest iteration on the RealSense front facing camera. The new model SR300 builds on the F200 in almost every way. Capabilities have improved with the support of cursor mode (think of super basic, super fast hand tracking) and person tracking (the R200 already had this).

realsense sr300

This to me seems to be the steps required to bridge the gap between the front facing and world facing cameras. I wrote about this when I first starting looking into RealSense at the beginning of the year.

Here is the complete list of new features in the SR300

  • Support for the new Hand Tracking Cursor Mode
  • Support for the new Person Tracking Mode
  • Increased Range and Lateral Speed
  • Improved Color Quality under Low-light Capture and Improved RGB Texture for 3D Scan
  • Improved Color and Depth Stream Synchronization
  • Decreased Power Consumption

Thankfully, Intel has kept a unified SDK for all three cameras. There are some capability flags at the SDK level that a developer can test for to see what features are supported. The SR300 also has full backwards support for the less capable F200 so that any apps created for its ancestor will work just fine :)

Well, looks like my F200 will be a nice addition to the parts bin... Long live the SR300.

What do you think?

What are your thoughts on RealSense? I would love to hear your opinion or get some feedback so please add a comment or drop me a line on Twitter: @davidseth.

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