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About Me


My name is David Peterson. This site contains my notes about what interests me and what I'm working on. Currently a lot of this stuff is written in journals, you know, the paper stuff. My aim is to document what I have been up to and also to keep up with what I am doing.

I will be writing about:

  • What I do when I should be sleeping: Robotics, IoT, Lego, Augmented Reality, REST APIs, Graph Databases
  • What I do for my day job: Open Source and Drupal, growing a community in Asia Pacific and Japan, Leading Acquia's strategic growth in region
  • Talks and Presentations: I like to speak about and present new ideas. I have talked about Semantic Web, Drupal, Shared understanding, Personalisation, Open Source, Web architecture and more.
  • Trave: who doesn't like to talk about where they have been?

Current Role

I'm the Solutions Architect, Team Lead for Acquia Asia Pacific and Japan. I lead the team's strategy and implementation with new and existing clients. I have over 17 years experience in the online space and over 8 years with Drupal.

During this time I have run and led some of the largest Open Source projects in the APJ region along with being the lead Architect and Security Consultant on the govCMS project with the Australian Government.

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