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Innovation on a national scale - Australian Government and Drupal

Today the Australian Government officially announced the govCMS program. This is a world leading project, no where else in the world is a government so open to doing things in such a collaborative, open source manner. My role has been to advise and help lay the groundwork for this program. This entailed initial architecture decisions, common data formats, use cases and most significantly, the security decisions

Augmented Reality with HoloLens

I just learned of the HoloLens and it's amazing. Virtual Reality has been around since nearly the dawn of the Web and never took off. More recent VR efforts have become more immersive, but I still don't see *the* factor that would attract me. With Augmented Reality I see a difference, I can think of so many practical and useful applications.

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My name is David Peterson. This site contains my notes about what interests me and what I'm working on. Currently a lot of this stuff is written in journals, you know, the paper stuff. My aim is to document what I have been up to and also to keep up with what I am doing.

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