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Sword fighting 2016 - Bluetooth edition

As a kid, I always enjoyed grabbing a stick or anything and wacking my brother with it. Of course he would fight back by grabbing another stick or taking my stick. It would go on until someone was in tears of course, that is the way of an 80's kid ;)

Next evolution of RealSense

Intel just recently released their latest iteration on the RealSense front facing camera. The new model SR300 builds on the F200 in almost every way. Capabilities have improved with the support of cursor mode (think of super basic, super fast hand tracking) and person tracking (the R200 already had this). This to me seems to be the steps required to bridge the gap between the front facing and world facing cameras. I wrote about this when I first starting looking into RealSense at the beginning of the year.

Legos, Lights, IoT and Kids

Today I had a great time playing Minecraft Lego with my three year old son.

The Minecraft Lego series is one of my favourites if not my number one favourite within Lego. It's fun because there is no one-way to build, no "getting-it-wrong". You can put any bricks together and since they are all "real" materials they essentially just work.

Lego Brick Event

My boys and I recently attended a local Lego Brick Event. Wow! The things that people create and share are amazing. I am not sure but I think my boys wanted to go home before me... something about sore feet...

Here are some of our favourites:

In search of the perfect BLE dev module

I ordered RedBear Lab's BLE Nano kit a while back. I took a look at it as soon as I got it and saw that I had to do some soldering before it would work. This lead me to putting it down and semi-forgetting about it for a few weeks.

Augmented Reality Frameworks

I have been on holidays lately and it's been so good. My wife and I and four kids flew to the US to spend Christmas with our families in North Dakota. In addition to time with my family and extended family, having a few weeks off has allowed me to spend a good amount of times with my other interests, mainly around robotics and connected systems.

Japan: Personalisation in the Open Marketing Cloud

Recently I was invited to Tokyo to present on Drupal, Open Source and Personalisation. CI&T have been holding strategic, business focused events in Japan for the past year. These are structured to introduce the Japanese market to the wide-ranging use of Drupal globally and how it and Open Source in general can be used regionally.

Drupal 8 World Wide Launch - Singapore

Recently I had the good fortune to be in Singapore at the same time as the global launch of Drupal 8 #d8. Great timing :) It was perfect opportunity to meet Acquia's local partners and potential partners and discuss the ground-breaking effort that has been nearly four years in the making.

BB-8, node bots and the world of connected robots

I was fortunate enough to get a BB-8 for father's day. My wife and four kids really know me well. It's a blast to play. The native app allows for full control as well as some other fun things like recording messages and playing them back as a "hologram". There is a guard mode but it really isn't too smart, it just randomly goes around without any real sense of anything.

United Nations - Delivering Australian government services with Open Source

I had the honour of being asked to speak at the United Nations on the digital transformation that is happening within the Australian government. It would also be my chance to connect with other delegates from around the world and learn what is shaping the future of their governments whilst sharing what is working and what could be done better here at home.