BoF at Drupalcon - RDFa, Semantic Web and Distributed Social Networks

I am holding a BoF on RDFa, Semantic Web and Distributed Social Networks. It will be at Drupalcon SF on Monday the 19th of April at 11am, Room 200.

Here are some of the links that I talked about.

Semantic Web

Drupal, the semantic web and search

Web of Things

Giant Global Graph - "It's not the documents, it is the things they are about which are important". Obvious, really.


Well, after a couple years offline, I am putting back on the map! Woohoo! Okay, this is likely to mean more to me then anyone else, but it is a big milestone.

I build web sites for a living and I haven't had my own for 2 years. A bit odd, but I guess not really. I do this stuff day after day so the last thing I usually think about is building "yet another site".

G'day Nova

Before I begin telling you why I would like early access to Twine I would just like to thank you. I first sent you an email about a year ago asking what Semantic Web conferences you would recommend. I was pretty new to the field and certainly had not yet met anyone I could even discuss the word "RDF" with. You were kind enough to send me an email back recommending SemTech in San Jose, May 07.

Installing Drupal on Apache and getting .htaccess errors all over the place - fixed!

I was trying to get Drupal installed on a shared linux host and having no luck at it. After a few hours of 500 error pages I went to sleep.

Woke up fresh (well sort of) and bit the bullet and did a Google search... Came across this forum post and that solved it. I had to edit my httpd.conf file and change the line:

AllowOverride FileInfo Options


AllowOverride All

And up popped the the Drupal installation wizard! Yeah. I wish this was on the Drupal site for the installation (anyone listening?).


It is with trembling fingers, watery eyes and a heavy, heavy heart that I write this. A warm and gentle person I met at a conference earlier this year and had the pleasure to personally talk with has lost his three daughters due to a tragic house fire. Chimezie Ogbuji and his wife Roschelle have lost so much, I can not even fathom. I pray that they will be okay...

A charitable trust has been set up in the memory of the three girls.


My brother is in the Marines and he is stationed in the Pacific. He was due to be back in the States before Christmas but due to the typhoon in Bangladesh they have been re-deployed. There has not been an official call yet by the Bangladesh government for help, but they are going to ready in case they are required. Depending on the situation they may / may not make it back in time for the holidays.

The military is capable of many things, but its use in humanitarian efforts is something that doesn't get talked about as much as it should.

Canon releases new Vista codec for .CRW!

I have been waiting for this for, let me see, one year... but finally they have released a .CRW codec for Vista. This allows me to use the RAW files that my 10d has been writing natively in Vista and the Photo Gallery app. Canon released a version for the CR2 format but I had thought they were just going to leave the older (but still wonderful) cameras out in the cold. I must add that Canon has always done a great job of driver support and had some of the earliest Vista drivers and support many older hardware as well.

Photos from Busan, Korea

I am putting some of my photos online from Busan, South Korea where the ISWC2007 conference is taking place. Please take a look.

Arrived in Busan for ISWC2007 - Wow

I am here in Busan for the International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2007). I arrived yesterday afternoon and my jaw still hasn't properly aligned itself with my head :) This place is amazing, the sheer size of it is mind boggling to me. I haven't seen such a scale of population, high rises, office buildings, factories. I am impressed. The population of Busan is 3.5 million, all packed into a relatively small section of land.

W3C's New Marketing for the Semantic Web

The W3C has a new set of icons for the Semantic Web. About time. Marketing and looks are important and for the Semantic Web to begin to sink in a re-branding was/is necessary. I congratulate the W3C on a smart move. Although I do question the box theme? The logo makes me thing small, I know it has an upturned corner to invite, but to me, box = closed. Anyway, it was a good move.

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